Monday, December 04, 2006

Girls just wanna look GORGEOUS (part 2)


1. Shop for shoes in the afternoon or evening. Feet tend to swell during the day, and buying shoes when your feet are their largest ensures a better fit.
2. Don’t rely on the size of your last pair of shoes. Feet can get larger or smaller, especially if you gain or lose weight rapidly.
3. whenever possible, pick pumps over strappy sandals or slingbacks. Tight straps reduce circulation and may cause your feet to go numb.
4. Do show off your legs.
5. You should look for sneakers with firm soles (once that don’t bend or give when you attempt to twist them).
6. Shoes with straps shortens your legs.
7. High heels will always be fashionable and wedge heels are a great way to get the heel without the wobble if you struggle to walk in heels.
8. Wedge heels are very fashionable at the moment. It gives you all the benefits of high heels such as lengthening and slimming the look of your legs and lifting the posture of your bottom.
9. Flat sandals or flip flops will always be comfortable if they are well made. wear them with skirts or slim jeans.
10. If you don't feel fancy being completely flat you can get wedge flip flops or small heeled sandals.
11. If you have long toes or feet, choose a flip flop that has some detail at the centre of the thong. This draws the eye away from your toes and creates width rather than length.
12. Tied sandal will draw attention to your legs as well as your feet.
(I'm looking for a purple shoes ... يا ناس دلوني)

.يا خرابي .. طلعت السالفة مرض نفسي


3abeer said...


love your post, I'm a shoe fanatic, I simply love shoes.
They tell you alot about people's personalities and where they come and go ;)

Alia, you are a shopaholic?... aren't we all?!?

well try this

*note to self: go to therapy for shopping syndrome"

Alia said...

I'm a shopaholic & I love shoes, clothes, handbags ... everything

& that proves it :
my result is:

You Are A Total Shopaholic!

You have a keen eye for spotting trends before they are hot
And sometimes your credit rating takes a beating as a result
Consider a job in retail to subsidize your gorgeous outfits
Over time, you could become a famous stylist or designer!

OMG!!!! .. I've always wanted to be a famous designer .. that it soooo much true

Shopaholic Q8eya said...


pointy shoes with flare or bootleg pants always give you a slimmer look. Rounded shoes are always recommended with skirts, skinny pants or shorts.

3abeer said...

There ya go !!!

Congratulations... you are infected.. with the shopping virus ;P

Alia said...


pointy shoes with bootleg pants makes your legs looks taller as well .. rounded ones shortenes the leg , so I don't like 'em

but thanks ;**


Oh what a nice & harmless (to others) virus

kila ma6goog said...

did somebody say .....



dilli o milli said...

Bonjours mon chéri :)

I'm in favor of # 9
Lool...3rd line in # 8 !! Are we talking about shoes or winch ?!!

Thats why I HATE High Heels !! AWCH !!

Tyra Banks loves to torture people in her SuperModel Show !! AWCH 2!!

PURPLE!!! Hard to find !!

Oh! Have u checked the last comment in ur previous Post?

Loved ur Post

Spontaneousnessity said...

I love shoes!! I love shoes! I love shoes!! I love this post, I had a goofy smile approuving the whole way through this post, it's normal right? cause rereading it made me worry about myself alittle hehe! and don't say I need a man cause it's a different issue, shoes love is true love. yes it is.

Alia said...

kila ma6goog,

no NIKE ... I'm in love with "Puma" thes days


Bonsoir madame

I like flats too .. & winch .. yes lol

High heels sometimes OWCH!!! .. but I love ém

I'm a purpaholic shasawwy .. i need that shoes & yes .. checked & commented



I'm happy that you liked it
& It's totally normal to fall in love with your shoes
But ... you do need a man

Brava Valentia said...

i love shoes but my feet don't look good in shoes( they have round shape)!! so not sexy!

try Tala mall, basement,i forgot the shop's name but its gonna be on your right near the chocolate store!

ولاّدة said...


لا عليكِ ممن يحاول الربط بين الحرمان العاطفي والتسوق

شخصياً أكثر الأوقات التي أحب التسوق فيها حين أكون في حالة عشق...حيث أريد أن يكون لكل موعد فستان جديد...لكل عشاء مميز فستان يشبهه
في حالات العشق لا أكرر ملابسي لسبب بسيط أنني أعتبر كل يوم احتفالية تستحق ثوب جديد

حين أبدأ بلبس الترينغ سوت والأحذية الرياضية فإن هذا يدل أنني في قاع دورة الحب

حين أعود لهوس الشراء فإنني إما في القمة أو أبحث عن حب جديد فديروا بالكم عليّ

Spontaneousnessity said...

so shoes can't replace men? not even a little bit?

okay am over doing it I know =P let me enjoy what I know is available for now ;}

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

Oh and by the way I've seen many purple shoes around here.

What kind are you looking for? what's your size? LOL I love to help a fellow shopaholic in need ;P

Alia said...


Try pointy shoes, they'll shape up your foot perfectly .. & let me know


أتفق معاج في سالفة انه لكل مناسبة رومانسية فستان جديد .. وآنا عاد ما أصدق

المهم ان الدراسة قد تنطبق علي قليلا .. لازم اعترف بالواقع

من سنتين كنت حامل في الشهر الثامن ولا أستطيع السفر بالطيارة، وزوجي كان عنده دورة في بيروت، وحيث أن العائلة كانت هناك بعد فاقترحت عليه ياخذ ابني الاكبر معاه .. وفعلا ، فضا البيت علي، بلا مبالغة كنت ما اطلع من البيت لمدة ثلاثة أيام مجابلة التلفزيون وهات يا بكى وعياط وحالة إحباط واكتئاب شديدة .. بس السالفة مو هني .. السالفة انني وبمجرد ما وصلت عمر وابو عمر لبوابة المغادرين وبعد وداع حار وبكاء أحر ... ذهبت لأقرب محل - في المطار - واشتريت شنطة حمراء .. لاحظي اللون .. قلت يمكن اللون يخفف عني شوي
بس طبعا ماكو فايدة

يعني إذا شفتيني يوم اشتري شي لونه أحمر أو وردي مزقطط .. عرفي انني امر بحالة إحباط عاطفي شديد نتيجة الفراق


Enjoy it hon ;***
nobody will blame you, I mean with all what's going on around you - failed marriages & so - you gotta think like that .... BUT you'll get over it ... will ya?


بعد عمري إنتي ;*******
آنا أقول حجزي لي التذكرة .. أيي اتسوق معاج وايد أونس

هئ هئ هئ
I've never been to New York

Hanan said...

I love #4
Last summer Steve Madden (NYC) had a wonderful display of colors. I got my purple flats, that I love.

So my solution to your purple shows dilemma: Go to NYC. I'm sure Shopa would be a wonderful guide in the show department :)

Shurouq said...

My result:
You're a Window Shopper!
Ya3ni I'm "cheap"

You know that shopping's a blast, but you prefer to save your money
You hardly ever give into an impulse buy, unless it's a total steal
You've always got the most money of your friends - and you never have to borrow
And you've got a nice wardrobe too ... of classic pieces that last years!

Wedge heels are mostly ugly.
Shopping for shoes is a pain..
I like flip flops though.. The cheap ones ;)

And Alia, your link took me to al Qabas :)

Alia said...


# 4 is my favourite one too
وتحريني يعني، جوتي بنفسجي ومن نيويورك
إمما عليج


you've got a nice wordrobe ... I agree
classic pieces that last years .. totaly disagree .. إنتي لما يضيق الكبت تفضينه

والسايت المفروض يوديج القبس .. مقالة منشورة تربط بين التسوق والمرض النفسي أو الحرمان العاطفي

Anonymous said...

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