Friday, June 27, 2008

Ms. Perfect

Hey you :**
I miss you so much
I miss your blog
I miss your "POST.NO.SECRET"
I miss your comments
I truly admire you, & wish you all the best in life
And I'm so proud we're friends

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

مليت من السياسة

Since it's my 3rd blogaverssary, I'm allowed to post about almost anything
(as if at any other day i'm not!!!)


If you haven't tried it yet ... YOU SHOULD

It's amaaaaaaaaaazing

Now according to Wii's calculations, I'm 46 years old fit wise :((

That should encorage me to eat less, exercise more

But, How about eat more, exercise less??? I like that better


Now let's talk fashion

It's connected to the above subject anyway

Summer is hot, but clothes are amazing, & colors are refreshing

Fashion Rules made for breaking
Rule # (1) Women over 35 must not wear minis
Ya3ni after 4 years khalas a9eer 3ayooz ... hell NO
I say: If you got the legs & the guts, go for it. It's all about confidence not age.

Rule # (2) Don't show skin, itsn't sophisticated

Sophisti ... what??? If you know what to show & how to show it (& in Kuwait .. where to were such piece of clothing), plus how much is not too much, do it.
Rule # (3) Avoid clashing colors (hint: Princes Diana's Red & Pink Dress)
This summer is all about mixing & matching. Unexpected combination of colors can make wonders. (Red, Pink & Orange are the new Black, White & Pink)
Rule # (4) Never mix patterns
Again mix & match. different colors with same designs or different designs with same colors, also large prints with small ones. or .. just bring your personality up.
Rule # (5) If you love the brand, wear it all over you
NEVER do that, it'll indicate that you have money with no sense of style. An expensive shoes with a-not-so-expensive-dress would do the trick. (& I'll leave the expensiveness for you to decide)
Rule # (6) White on white is boring
It is definitely NOT. It's so fresh & romantic. Accessorise it with a colorful bag & shoes or with gold bracelets & Necklaces. You could also add a belt, which would give you a whole new style.
Rule # (7) Handbag, Shoes and Belt should always match.
BORING. Handbag, shoes and belt should compliment each other but not by an exact match. Combine different textures in related colors that work with your overall look. Or just be yourself & choose whatever you feel can go together. (e.g: I love to mix Purple dress with Red shoes, Pink skirt with Green shirt, Light Blue dress with Lavender shawl & so on) Create your own match just by waring it :))
Sorry guys if this was too girli for you
But living with 3 boys makes me more feminine I guess (Although I can tell you all you wanna know about STARWARS Trilogy)
I even did what I wanted to do since .... I don't know when
Finally .. my living room is all purply .. YEY

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

الكويت مازالت مغبرة .. تفاءلوا

رفضا لتقييد حرياتنا التي كفلها الدستور
ونحو مجتمع مدني حر
اليوم .. الأحد 15 يونيو 2008
تجمع جماهيري حاشد في رابطة الأدباء
في تمام الساعة السابعة مساء
نلتقي .. هناك

Busy Redecorating ... Purpling my apartment .. yes PURPLE :))

But, enough about me .. I miss you guys

اللجنة الدخيلة

Two years ago, this was hubby & brother's birthday cake

Do you think our very respectful "Lajnah" would allow it?


أقدم أسفي واعتذاري الشديدين للجنة الموقرة لاستخدامي لغة الكفار

قصدت القول .. كانت هذه (أعوذ بالله، أعوذ بالله، أعوذ بالله) الكعكة الخاصة بعيد ميلاد أقمناه منذ سنتين

فهل تتكرم - جزاها الله خيرا - لجنتنا المبجلة بإجازة الكعكة في يومنا المبارك هذا؟؟


ودي أسب سبة كبر الدنيا .. بس عيب



To .. Rasheed

My new Mobile