Thursday, March 13, 2008

فلنكمل المسير: الحياة جميلة ... تفائلوا

March has always been my favorite month

I mean .. it's the month where we get rid of all those aweful winter clothes

Weather is amazing (dispite the dust)

Mother's day (where I struggle every year trying to find the perfect gift for mom & khalty)

My bestest friend's birthday (Happy Birthday muqaddaman shosho) I love you :**

& i7im i7im .. My birthday (where I don't struggle at all getting myself a gift .. YES I do that ..

every year :))


On the other hand

March is the month my favorite singer "Abdelhaleem Hafez" died (exacetly a week after I was born:()

& it's also the month "Al-Rubie" died (نصير المرأة توفى يوم قبل يوم المرأة)

(P.S: Salute to Al-Qabas Newpaper for bublishing "Al-Arba3a2iyyat" in this short period)
But .. life goes on
. . . . .

& as I consider an early gift (an awesome one actually)

Today I recieved this from a dear friend

L'lli .. thanks very much sweets :**


Pesto Sauce & Permesan cheese
brought freshly from Italy
متحسفة آكلهم .. بعدين يخلصون

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

د. أحمد الربعي
1949 - 2008