Monday, December 25, 2006

Girls just wanna look GORGEOUS (part 3)

يا خارجة من باب الحمام .. وكل خد عليه خوخة

everybody wants to look beautiful and we all can. A few simple tips & tricks that may help you change your looks & your lives, but remember you can be nothing without confidence, and yes it is all about inner beauty at the end of the day.


1. too much makeup / hair / facials is not always the best. Give your face and body a rest.
2. Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks in a circular motion, starting with small circles, then getting bigger … It’ll give you this gorgeous glow. (just like J.Lo).
3. while a good night’s rest won’t give you perfect skin overnight, it will save you money on concealers. (cheap but very usefull).
4. To get the perfect results on self-tanning: Apply bronzer only where the sun would hit, like the forehead, chin, tip of the nose and high on the cheekbones, & don’t forget the neck and chest as they should match the face for a complete look.
5. Use apple cider vinegar as a middle treatment between shampooing and conditioning to close cuticles and remove product buildup. (& as a salad dressing too).
6. Find the perfect blush shade by choosing the color of your cheeks after exercising.
7. If the fine print on your hair conditioner says that it’s for hair & body, then you’ve found the perfect moisturizer for your skin. This way you’ll keep your frizzies away and keep your skin happy, too.
8. To keep the lipstick color off of your teeth, remember to swipe off the excess using your index finger on the inside of your lips before heading out.
9. You wear different clothes for different activities ; your makeup should change as well.
10. Keep your nails clean and evenly trimmed. Stick with conservative nail polish colors at work and save the sparkly/neon/funky looks for weekends and vacations.
11. Hair color can do wonderful things for you, but it can also be hard on the budget. If you can't afford the regular maintenance required by allover color, consider getting highlights instead.
And whatever you
do, make sure your hair color matches your skin tone.
12. Take warm, not hot, showers. Lots of hot water can drain moisture out of your skin(as well as your hair), leaving it older-looking, itchy and dry.
13. For fuller lips, apply lip gloss right in the center of your mouth.
14. Sheer and light makeup is the trend of the day and best shades to use are neutral browns, smudgy greys, earthy pinks and peaches.
15.Cream and gel blush are easy to use and give you a natural look.
16. to create fuller lashes, apply a light brush of loose powder on clean lashes with an eye shadow brush, then aplly a coat of mascara, and if needed, repeat the loose powder and another coat of mascara.
17. Drink plenty of water. Whether you are in the air, basking on the beach or skiing down the slopes, staying hydrated is the most important beauty tip of all.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Everybody
& Happy Birthday SIS ;***


3abeer said...

Merry Christmas and happy new year and 3eedich mbarak and may all your wishes come true and I hope you are able to do all your new years resolutions ;)

9ooorat S 3ajeeeebah


lots of love

NuNu™ said...

Happy Holidays 7abeebti..
Miss you!! ;*

Spontaneousnessity said...

can't get enough of these advices =} right now I just love you!!

Hope your new year is alot happier than the ones that passed =}


ra7 amor ba3d shwaya o achayek 3ala commentetey!

White Wings said...

happy holidays darling
great tips...
i love the long-lashes tip..watchout, i will apply :)

KuwaitVoice said...

happy new year

wakee7 said...

خوخه خوخه خوخه

dilli o milli said...

Useful Tips, and I'll go for the cheapest No.3
HaPpY HoliDaYs DeaR

Dr.Lost said...

thanx for the tips, tho i wont be needing them ;pp happy holidays :) and happy bday to your sis :)

kila ma6goog said...

بعيد عن اهتماماتي

Alia said...


Thanks babe ;** & to you too


Me too hubbi ;**
واحشني الشعر الأحمر


Happy new year to you too hon .. ولا تحاتين كومنتاتج بالحفظ والصون

white wings,

ما شفنا اللونغ لاشز


Happy new year to you too sir


it's: خوخة خوخة خوخة خوخة
وكل عام وانت وكيح


ma 3alaich .. I like it too
it's cheap but very useful
& Happy holidays to you too dear ;**


Thanks &
Happy holidays to you too

kila ma6goog,

اشوه انه بعيد عن اهتماماتك
كل عام وانت بخير وتطق وما تنطق

neelaah said...

خووش نصايح
تنفع مع الريزلوشن
مال 2007

انا حالفه اني الق و اصير حلوة
و اشد الحيل قدر المستطاع
لانه اللي فات اكثر من اللي الجاي
فراح استغل اللي جاي اسوأ استغلال

كل عام و انتي بخير :)