Saturday, January 28, 2006

I've been an employee sicne the year 2000, worked in a bank for excately a year, & although I couldn't last more than one year because of the people i worked with who were cornering me somehow, but i LOVED the work (loan dept) & that you get to deal with customers (I think i'm good at that). NowI work for NCCAL (National Council for CultureArts and Letters) & I can't tell you how i hate it, I hate the people, I hate the place, I really don't know if my title(باحث إعلامي) has to do anything with what I actually do, but I have to admit that there are some good things here that makes me wanna stay like: it's so easy, I can go out whenever i want, I can even skip work whenever i feel lazy (حسب نظام الخدمة المدنية يحق للموظف 4 أيام في السنة عرضي، كما يحق له الاستئذان حتى الساعة 11 صباحا مرتين في الشهر), I can eat, drink, chat online, read, play computer games, READ MY FAVORITE BLOGS, check my emails (things forbidden as a customer srevice employee) plus my boss is a good guy, coworkers are great, but I feel useless, I parely do a thing, & I don't see it going anywhere. I NEED A NEW JOB URGENTLY!!!!!!!

* This picture from where i used to work at Al Ahli Bank, it was my boss's desk (I'm not in that picture, nor my boss coz the least thing i want is to look like this.

I miss those days (when i say this people who know me will recognize how desperate i'm to say it).

Sunday, January 01, 2006

1/1/2006 Happy New Year Everybody

It's gonna be awhile before i get used to write 2006

سبع أمنيات للعام الجديد أو لنقل للأعوام القليلة المقبلة والتي أعرف مسبقا بأنها لن تتحقق
(1) Get my master degree
(2) Buy our own house as a family of 4 (which won't happen soon as I know)
(3) Find a job that I like
(4) Start my own business
(5) Start to worry more about my neck/back pain
(6) Try not to be a big spender (no way)

سبع أمنيات أخرى للعام أو للأعوام القليلة المقبلة من الممكن تحقيقها
(1) Give birth to a baby girl
(2) Buy a new car
(3) Visit New York with hubby & the kids
(4) Visit London with the girls
(5) Watch the movies on my list
(6) Exercise more aften
(7) Spend more time with friends

وبما إنهم سبع أمنيات فالمفروض لإنني أقدر أحققهم في 2007 مو2006
Which meanes I still have time.. don't you think so?