Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Conspiracy Theory

قوللي ولا تخبيش يا عين ... إيش تقول العين للعين؟؟

Rosario Salazar from "Will & Grace"

أم كلثـــــــوم




Don't they look exacetly the same???

Now my point is that ... are they (Jewish people - Creator & Executive producer of Will & Grace is David kohan) making fun of our LEGEND??? she even plays a role of a Salvadoran housekeeper.


Shopaholic Q8eya said...

I love the "conspiracy theory". LOL never thought of that. I admit they look the same.

Purgatory said...

I do not see the similarity

Brava Valentia said...

ee Wallah!!

devilish look!

White Wings said...

how did you think of this :)
my God, never noticed this before
another conspiracy theory ha?? :)

Anonymous said...

Man (or woman in this case) havent we hadd enough of this conspiracy theory thing.

Why do we always analyse everything as a secret plan to make arabs look bad?

Alia said...


& I love you :*
you're always my NO.1 comment


That's because your purg


heheheheh .. yeah those sunglassas msawwien shugul

white wings,

well I was watching the show & browsing some music websites when I noticed it .. وشفتي شلون .. هاليهود ما يخلوننا بحالنا أبدا


Man ... haven't you noticed it's a joke???

The Doctor !i.. said...


قوللي ولا تخبيش يا عين ... إيش تقول العين للعين؟؟

This is a good portion in the post ...

but the pic r not show ..!

Shurouq said...


Mozart said...

yes the look is similar but so what ??????

3abeer said...

Good eye :)

well I think it's a catchy look..
don't you ?


neelaah said...

هذي نظريه مؤامرة
بس صراحه الشبهه
مو طبيعي و ما لاحظته

اما انج مجرمه بصحيح

Alia said...
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Alia said...

the doctor,



بعض مما عندكم


so it's a joke


Catchy? I think it's Legendary


مجرمة مع مرتبة الشرف كمان

Spontaneousnessity said...

wain commentetey ={

barrak said...

وربك والله رب قلوب

Hanan said...

lol. girl where do you come up with these things?
but yeah. they do look the same. but you gotta admit rosario is a much more entertaining character

Papillona ® said...

omg! She looks a lot like her!

bitgeebi il 7agat di mneen?


bas 3an il ghala6 please khalli il Jews ib 7alhom

Alia said...

I thought I replied to some comments here .. but I don't know what happened


madri .. wierd things are happeneing here


ما أدري يعني شنو .. بس أوكي


well I was watching the show when it hit me ... & yeah I totally agree >> Rosario twannis Akthar


long time no see babe :* .. where have you been? missed u

w 7athir 3ammiti

bo9ali7 said...

i dont think so

ilbarda said...

they do look the sam

Alia said...


آنا أقول عيد النظر
تمقل فيهم أكثر يمكن يطلع معاك شي


قول حق بوصالح .. ما يصدقني

barrak said...

هذه تكمله اغنية قولي ولا تخبيش يازين