Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Burned meat .. Mushrooms .. Broth .. Spoons .. Pasta .. ITALY .. Rabbits .. 3abali risotto sa3ab .. SICILY .. Onions .. Garlic .. Parsley .. Parmesan .. Oregano .. Zafran .. Salt .. Pepper .. Well done .. Ree7ti 6ba'7 .. Paprika .. Taste .. Hot .. Greasy .. Lemon zest .. Chilli .. Pasts: perfect for diets .. Chef .. Crap .. Risotto .. Shal'3am .. Pumpkins .. Brown Sugar .. Rosemary .. Potatoes .. Moooo .. Sun dried tomatoes .. Proteins .. Steak .. Cheats .. Butter .. Olive Oil .. Pasta from China .. Zaatar .. Philadelphia Cheese .. Veggie Sandwich .. Muka33abat Magi .. Cream .. Al Dante .. Cream Cheese .. Yummy .. Water .. Sea food .. Tomatoes .. Cooking .. Rrestaurants .. Saucepan .. TUSCANY .. Medium rare .. Mediterranean .. Small portions .. 3aish ma9ri
About Umami Culinary School
Umami is the taste of the art culinary school providing classes by world-renowned chefs for all ages. Our chef will teach you, how simple it is to cook gourmet style meals in less than 30 minutes. whether it's for you, or to impress others. We shall teach you how to become a pro at chopping, cooking and presenting food.
Umami's Classes:
Master cook: A Two-week course for house cooks
Intro to cooking (Adults): A Two-week course for basics of cooking.
Intro to cooking (Teens): A Two-week course for basics of cooking.
Thai Flavors
Soups n' Salads
Cucina Italian ***** recommended
Moroccan Treasures
Brazilian Carnival
Now .. what does Umami mean:
The fifth taste

It’s usually said that the human tongue can detect only four basic tastes: sweet, sour, bitter and salty, and that all tastes are combinations of these. Many specialists now believe that taste is actually more complicated than this, with the taste buds being helped along by sense of smell, by the feel of substances in the mouth and even by the noise that food makes when we chew it.
In recent years some workers have added a fifth taste, umami, to the other four, though western food scientists are divided about whether it really exists or not. It has been suggested that the taste is triggered by compounds of some amino acids, such as glutamates or aspartates, especially the flavour-enhancing substance monosodium glutamate.
Both the word and the concept are Japanese, and in Japan are of some antiquity. Umami is hard to translate, to judge by the number of English words that have been suggested as equivalents, such as savoury, essence, pungent, deliciousness, and meaty. It’s sometimes associated with a feeling of perfect quality in a taste, or of some special emotional circumstance in which a taste is experienced. It is also said to involve all the senses, not just that of taste. There’s more than a suggestion of a spiritual or mystical quality about the word.
BTW: I don't own the school, nor em I a partner
I just took one of their classas .. & I loveeeeeed it


Hasan.B said...
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Hasan.B said...

My mother is an excellent chef, and i guess she would be upset if i ask her to take some cooking classes, so i will do it:P!! No i am sure she will be intrested in the moroccan class, as she loves moroccan food! And i certainly will not mind eating moroccan food at home than goain all the way to dubai for it!!

Purgatory said...

You do not eat regular food, what is the use of taking classes???

Hasan.B said...


3abeer said...

I'll get more information from you later... shawagteeni.. I'm so taking this class :)

Hanan said...

When are you making us that risotto?

And next time, force me to come with you :)

kila ma6goog said...

ما فهمت

Khargoush said...

ya3ni you went to a cooking class and you don't eat anything :)wallah 7aram

Alia said...


Yeah you should, two guys attended the class with us, they looked so cute


I do eat regular food, la t6alli3 3ali isha3at mu'3ritha


yeah .. you'll really have fun
I'm thinking of taking their B.B.Q class with hubyy
I'll tell you the details when i see you ... Friday???


I'll let you taste my Risotto for once, & then i'm not gonna tell you the method & the cheats

kila ma6goog,

شنو اللي ما فهمته .. واذا ما فهمت من البوست ما فهمت من التعليقات


Long time no see dear ;**
ba3dain la t9adqeen purg .. zindeeq
you're my friend .. you should know better

Hanan said...

طول عمرك نحيسة ياعاليو

ولاّدة said...

شكراً على المعلومات

سألتحق بأحد دروسهم...على الأرجح الشوربات والسلطات

White Wings said...

ممكن دروس في الأكل اللو فات؟

A3sab said...

by the way they also have classes for children on thursdays. I've always wanted to take my kids but never had a chance

3abeer said...

Forgive me for friday.. and friday illi gablah.. and no garantees 3ala friday il yaaay...

how about weekdays?

adree masakht-ha..

el somooo7a