Friday, May 25, 2007

أبيض أبيض .. طيب ماله، والله بياضه سر جماله

Hey girls .. It's summer & stores are full of wonderful white pieces
Well .. Have you ever wonder if it suits you?
I say it does .. you just have to know how to wear it

TIP 1: Proper undergarments are key! Flesh-tone lingerie (not white!) elominates show-throughts.
TIP 2: While bright whites look amazing on darker skin tones, softer whites and ivory tones fhatter fair complexions.
TIP 3: Red lipstick is the perfect counterpoint to white clothing - just avoid shimmery formulas, which will compete with the outfit.
TIP 4: White is surprisingly slimming. For the most flattering effect, wear it head to toe.
TIP 5: Keep eyes understated - either choose neutral earth tones or apply a sheer white shadow from the lash line to the brow bone.


nEo said...

بوست حريمي


مادري ليش حسيت انج ناقلته !

جان ادور جود اطيح على السايت

طلع وياي هذا

ظلمتج !

nEo said...

و بما اني ما احب سوالف الحريم فما تعبت نفسي وايد بالقراءة

فدرءا لباب المفسدة

مادري شنو مكتوب

عشان اذا فيه شي مش ولا بود !

3abeer said...

abyaaaad zay el baftah..

Noted darling ;)

Shopaholic said...

I think I've said this before on one your older posts, women DO invest in a nice expenssive white shirt at least once every season

Alia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alia said...


إحساسك مو خاطئ تماما .. يعني تقدر تقول ناقلته بس مو حرفيا .. فيه تعديل واجتهاد مني

ويا ظالم لك يوم

Oh .. one more thing:
حريمي؟؟؟؟ شيفكك من وايت وينغز


عسى إختج وصلتلج الرسالة؟
وينج ذاك اليوم؟؟


Yes I remember that .. bas ana massa'7tha .. I invest in expensive white shirts/dresses every month if not every week

Purgatory said...

I am not a fan of white because it gets dirty easily.

Shopaholic said...

I love white dresses. they look sooo good on you ;*

Shurouq said...

Which reminds me.. your cotton white skirt is hanging in my closet!

Mama Ony said...

I feel so good in white!
summer and winter!
i believe u can never buy enough whites!

i cant find a nice white shoes though .. i used to have a pretty pair two years ago.. *sigh* good times good times..

kila ma6goog said...


3abeer said...

I'm calling her as I'm typing this message.. ma galat-leee

tara we all have gold fish memory..

forgiveness ur highness ;)


Hanan said...

I just love your fashion posts. And very useful for one lacking in fashion awareness.
Now when are we going on that boat trip? I promise you I'll wear 'proper' undergarments under my white dress :)

White Wings said...

red lipstick?? no can do, recomend another shade please

مجرّد... أنثى said...

in my point of view the natural or rose lipstick is more suitable for the white cloths... it gives fresh and angelic look...

white cloths r not 4 all.

thanks for the cute post

A3sab said...

luv white cant get enough of it

Alia said...


True ... Don't ever eat zaatar when you're wearing white


Flattered ;*


7alalich ya ba3ad chabdi;*

mama ony,

"U can never buy enough whites!"
I so believe in that too
& i just baught a nice white shoes from Zara .. I love it!

kila ma6goog,

ما يقولون هه؟ يقولون نعم
أعلِم اليهال والا أعلمك؟


hehehhehhe .. lol
Forgiven sweet one;*


Really .. I didn't think you would!!.. but hey what do I know??

& undergarments are not accepted .. ORANGE bathing suits only!

white wings,

As I remember you loved my red hot nail polish .. didn't you?? I say try the red lipstick .. sure you'll love it too

مجرد أنثى,

Well .. Imagine this:
White dress
Golden accessories
Tanned body
Honey shades hair

although I sometimes prefer the angelic look

Welcome & 7ayyach allah fi blogna almutawathi3


& I bet White loves you too, you look amazing in it

A3sab said...

thanx hon :-*

Anonymous said...

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