Thursday, May 31, 2007

بما إنني محتاجة شوية ريجيم

Diet Advice: TRUE or FALSE

(1) indulge your sweet tooth in the morning rather than after dinner.
FALSE: "If you blow it in the morning, you tend to throw in the towel and eat poorly for the rest of the day".
(2) If you're starving and the only option at work is a platter of doughnuts and pasteries, you should eat one.
TRUE: "But choose the best portion. A muffin top or a silver of danish to hold you over until you can get a healthier snack later".
(3) Ditching white flour is smarter than cutting sugar from your diet.
FALSE: "You're going to get more out of cutting sugar, because you're eliminating candy and desserts. If you've been eating well and then have a slice of white bread, it's not the end of the world".
(4) If you're craving salt at a cocktail party, opt for protein-packed nuts instead of olives.
FALSE: "Nuts can pack around 200 calories per fistful, compared to eight olives, which contains a measly 40 calories total.
(5) Filling your plate with small portions of several foods is better than taking a large serving of one thing.
FALSE: "A major cause of overindulging is eating too many flavors all at once, triggering the hypothalamus in the brain to ask for more food".
(6) Appetizer time at the Japanese restaurant! you should choose a fiber-filled small green salad instead of the miso soup.
FALSE: "The brown seaweed in miso soup contains a compound that may help boost metabolism and shrink abdominal fat, acoording to a recent study in Japan".
(7) Don't splurge on extra-virgin olive oil. Regular (a mix of virgin & refined) has the same health benefits.
FALSE: "According to a study, pure virgin olive oil can help decrease the ratio of bad healthy cholesterol".
(8) A tall Starbucks Mocka Frappuccino contains fewer calories than a tall hot chocolate.
TRUE: " .. But not by much, The whipped cream topped Frappuccino has 310 calories and 12 grams of fat, while the hot cocoa with whipped cream has 360 calories and 19 grams of fat. Whichever you choose, skip the whipped cream and save 90 calories & 8 fat grams.
(9) Roasted almonds are healthier than skinless blanched almonds.
TRUE: "The skin of almonds is full of flavonoids, whick, when combined with the nut's vitamin E, may lower the risk of heart disease.
(10) Drink tea after every meal and you could lose up to 18 pounds a year.
TRUE: "Compounds in black, green and mulberry teas may hinder our bodies' ability to obsorb calories from carbs.


Butterfly: coz it's her trademark

Salma Hayek: ... coz "Hiro Nakamura" I mean Purg says she looks like her, bas ma 3alaikum minnah, papi is so much prettier


Papi .. I love you;***

Please reconsider .. No? .. inzain at least bring the blog I like back


Purgatory said...

انا اقول سنعي الهيبوثالامس احسنلك

in other words, يبيله فش:P

eshda3wa said...

yeah papi bring the blog back

and ur totally right papi is definitly alot prettier than salma!

q8y8 كويتي8 said...

تشرفت بتواجي بمدونتكم الجميله
واتمنى تشريفي بمدونتي المتواضعه

Anonymous said...

ربع كيلو جبنة( مش ) مصريه على الريج

ولا تقولين عنه لعدوينج

kila ma6goog said...

موضوعين حساسين

صارلي اسبوعين خايف اوقف عالميزان مابي انصدم

و بابيونا ليش انحاشت؟ وين الشجاعة؟

المعركة توها بادية

What Will Be , Will Be .. said...

طاري الرجيم اييب القمته

الله يعينج

Shopaholic said...

إنتي؟ ريجيم؟
أروح أنتحر؟

Alia said...


أهو إنتَ


Pretty & lovable, salmo damha thiqeel

q8q8 8كويتي,

الشرف لنا حضرتك ... وحاضرين


لا ولله بأقوللهم .. عيل بس آنا آكل مش

kila ma6goog,

lol ... لا موزين تنصدم
خصوصا ان ملابس الصيف تفضح

what will be, will be,

welcome to my blog
اي والله صاجه .. يييب القمتة والحارج ولوعة الجبد بعد

dear shopa,

لا تنتحرين ولا شي يا بعد جبدي .. دلع
تخفيف بس .. عشان الصيف

kila ma6goog said...



i was 77

abee a9eer 75 by sept


nEo said...

الرجيم اخترعه انسان فاضبي ما عنده شغل

اصلا الاكل ماكو احله منه

بين ان ودي اضعف ؟

Shurouq said...


وزني كان 47.. مؤخرا وصل 54!!! أمس كان 50.. ومادري باجر وين راح يوصل

مشتهية بيتزا

Shopaholic said...

لا كملت! حتى إنتي يا شروق؟

DiLLi O MiLLi said...


أناااا برووح أنتحر معااج .. شنوووو عاليه تسوي رجيييييم !!؟؟؟
أشخليتي حق المتايح ..!!؟؟


50 !!
لالالا ...!! كل هذااا سمن ؟؟!! ليش !!؟؟
محروومه من البيتزااا سنه وشهرين !!!ء
أناااا لووو وزني 50 جان كلييت الخضر واليابس .. وضميري مرتاح




Papillunatic will MISS UUU....!!

Alia said...


لا تحاول .. إللي يتزوج يصير فيه شذيه
وأبشرك ... راح تزيد بعد ..تو الناس ترى .. 80 ولا شي



الاكل حلو .. بس الهدوم أحلى


إكلي إكلي شوراج
عبالهم إحنا كلش سمبتيك .. ما يدرون الهدوم ساترة بلاوي


إللي يدري يدري


لا لا لاااااااا .. لا تنتحرين
ورانا عشا باجر .. مالنا خلق الله يخليج

Anonymous said...