Tuesday, May 02, 2006

طب أعمل إيه . . . أنا أعمل إيه؟

I once sent an email (probably 2 years ago) to a friend/relative of mine (E) asking her questions regarding how well she knows me .. u know one of those silly emails, and this was one of the questions that she answered:

What do you think I'll be when I grow up?
I have a feeling you will go back to working in a bank and have a high rank

& let me say that this came after I resigned from a bank job that lasted a year & joined a ministry, yet she thought that some day I'll go back to banking althought I always said that this is never gonna happen & I told her personally "don't say that again, I hate banks, so don't put ideas in my head that I'm gonna be something big in the field, I'm not going back there".


After a while I was done with the ministry job (for reasons I mentioned in an earlier post), & I needed something else, so out of nowhere came an amazing job offer at a BANK .. a job that pays good, with a great position & I don't know what to do.
Let me just say that the job requires an afternoon shift twice a week, & I'm just thinking that it might not be fair to the kids.

* (sister who works in a bank herself tells me that it's an amazing opportunity I should never let go of my hands, while hubby who will be an ex-banker soon thinks that a two shifts job is not an opportunity at all)


Shurouq said...

The only one who can decide on that is you, and only you.

But I say take it :)

And yes, you can do it and the kids will be fine

ValenciaLover said...

I agree with shurouq on the first part, it\'s only you who can make the right decision.

When i was offered 2 jobs, the one that was a well-paid job was at a place i hate, so i took the less salary one but better place.

but again, as for you, you don\'t even like that easier working-times job.

حيرة ها؟

White Wings said...

actually, i disagree with Shurouq and Valencia and say..
you are made for this job, you will do wonders there, go for it

Alia said...

If I took it, the only thing I will regret is you being my coworker

آنا بس مترددة عشان دوام العصر .... وإلا مو من زين دوامي الحالي

white wings,
بسج بسج ... ترى ما راح أعطيج شي من الراتب ولا راح أشتريلج شي من بي سي بي جي

Anonymous said...

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