Thursday, April 13, 2006


Feels like it was just yesterday when we had this big 1st birthday party for him

Now he's 7 years old
هل راح ييي اليوم إللي يقوللي فيه يللا عالية* أبي أتزوج .. خطبيلي؟؟
*(He still calls me by my name ..even though I told him I won't answer you if you do)
يعني مو آنا إللي تروح حق أهل البنت وتقوللهم نبي بنتكم حق ولدنا وبنعطيكم مهر شذي وشبكة شذي .. ما أعرف
وإلا الزمن راح يتغير .. والعادات والتقاليد البايخة هذي تتغير .. ويفكوني من هالعفسة
يعني مثلا أكلم أم البنت على الماسنجر .. أقوللها
ِalia: hi ... u there?
the mother: yes
alia: how r u?
the mother: good .. u?
alia: great
the mother: :)
alia: عمر يقول يللا متى بتزوجونا؟
the mother: wait ..
susu( or whatever her name is) has been added to the conversation
susu: hi alia shlounich ... what's up?
alia: I was talking to your mother about you & omar getting married?
susu: mom?
susu: HELLO ... MOM
The mother: yes honey .. I'm here
susu: did u hear that?
the mother: yes dear .. it's your call honey
susu: u know my opinion mom
the mother: 7'alas 7abibty .. ittafqaw w 3a6ouna 7'abar
susu: لحظة لحظة omar just singed in
omar has been added to the conversation
omar: hi guys
alia: hi moury
the mother: shlounik 3ammoor?
omar: fine
susu: omar? يبون يزوجونا
omar: cool
susu: (k)
alia: yalla gotta go .. ittifaqna?
the mother: sure
omar: akeed <:0)
susu: yes
وتوتة توتة ... خلصت الحدوتة
بس على شرط ما تطلع البنت نسرة ... وتييب بنت تسميها عالية
وبعدها بنت تسميها لولو
وبعدها بنت تسميها علاية


Hanan said...

Hillarious Alia. Maybe we should promote this as the new way of doing things.
I can't imagine Ammour being an adult :S Isn't there a way of freezing them in this age?

You're being optimistic tough. You think in 20 years boys would still expect their moms to do this for them? Even if through MSN. Something tells me when our boys are old enough to be hitched they will just come home one day and announce that they're married :)

Happy Birthday Ammouri :*

ZiZoTiMe said...

walla fekraah 3ajeeba .. 3a9r el sor3a wel technology .. 7ada yabeelaaaaaaaaa .. bs kan naqe9 el malach ;)
after all nice post ;)

Shurouq said...

Lol You cracked me up..

I like your choice of colors
You: Purple of course. Omar: Blue. The girl, Pink..

Shurouq said...

And Omar won't be a problem I'm sure.. It's the little devil Bido you should start worrying about.

Alia said...

i wish i could freeze them
& believe me omar WILL need me to do this for him ... it's omar

الملاج راح يملجهم على المسنجر بعد بس طبعا بعد ما ابو عمر وابو البنت يكونون سايند إن

& welocome here

تعرفيني أحب الألوان والتلوين

وبيدو الله يستر منه

Papillona ® said...

lol chan zain chethi sahalat hehehe

Happy belated b-day 3amour

Alia said...


هذي الكويت سنة 2030

kazmawy said...

الله يخلى لج ويبلغ فيه امين

kila ma6goog said...

بوست عجيب

الله يخليلك عمور

Anonymous said...

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