Monday, October 10, 2005

It's a fantasy

i kept thinking that since everybody is asking me to post something that i should write something interesting عشان ما أخيب ظنهم فيني بس

so here it comes :

i like shopping very much .. especially clothes & stuff & my biggest dream is to be a pret-a-porte designer ... ( a famous one after some time..) but I have some serious problems:

(1) I'm not good in drawing scetches.

(2) not that good in matching colors (although i know i have a good taste)

(3) I don't have the money.

(4) I didn't plan the project & not intened to do so.

(5) I didn't even try to draw something .. i have it al in my imagination (saved).

(6) is that enought? coz i can go all day

so now ... what'S your biggest dream or in my case fantasy?

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Tutti said...

hey, i read your blog, be my friend!