Monday, October 10, 2005

It Is a Fantasy

i kept thinking that since everybody is asking me to post something that i should write something interesting عشان ما أخيب ظنهم فيني بس

so here it comes :

i like shopping very much .. especially clothes & stuff & my biggest dream is to be a pret-a-porte designer ... ( a famous one after some time..) but I have some serious problems:

(1) I'm not good in drawing scetches.
(2) not that good in matching colors (although i know i have a good taste)
(3) I don't have the money.
(4) I didn't plan the project & not intened to do so.
(5) I didn't even try to draw something .. i have it al in my imagination (saved).
(6) is that enought? coz i can go all dayso now ... what'S your biggest dream or in my case fantasy?


Alia said...

sorry for repeating my self ... wasn't sure how to puplish the post .. i'm ok now

Hanan said...

Just saw your blog. Welcome on board.

My biggest dream/fantasy is to eat. Well, now anyway :)

Tusa said...

Hi Alia, how about being an assistant to a designer? learn the trade and work your way up... just a suggestion :) ... or maybe a stylist?!

Alia said...


thanks for visiting

& eating doesn't count ... think of something after u eat futoor

tusa agus mise

thanks for the suggestion but i don't wanna be an assistant .. it has to be my designs ..
طرار ويتشرط مو

Tusa said...

lol! there's nothing wrong with aiming high ;) I hope it comes true for you Inshallah ... My fantasy would be to open an events managment firm .. like that's ever gonna happen in kuwait :-/ ... anyway ... looking forward to more posts from you and good luck :)

ValenciaLover said...

If you ever get to be a famous designer إنشالله will you make me your secretary? as in i get to travel with you everywhere, i don't mind arranging for trips. My fantasy would be .... let's see, i love travelling a lot. What job could let me travel twice a month to different countries?
One last comment? you can be a model instead of a designer. you could wear all designer's clothes for free, i guess that would be fun too, wouldn't it?

Alia said...


khalas you're hired .. we will be just like (Grace & Karen) of Will & Grace .. it would be fun

a model ... i doubt it .. although it would be more than great (it;s the kind of job that let you travel more than twice a month .. & if so u could be my agent) .. i don't have that perfect body models have .. and i can't quit eating pasta, Fries, Bread which is all i eat since i quit eating chicken lately

Anonymous said...

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