Thursday, March 13, 2008

فلنكمل المسير: الحياة جميلة ... تفائلوا

March has always been my favorite month

I mean .. it's the month where we get rid of all those aweful winter clothes

Weather is amazing (dispite the dust)

Mother's day (where I struggle every year trying to find the perfect gift for mom & khalty)

My bestest friend's birthday (Happy Birthday muqaddaman shosho) I love you :**

& i7im i7im .. My birthday (where I don't struggle at all getting myself a gift .. YES I do that ..

every year :))


On the other hand

March is the month my favorite singer "Abdelhaleem Hafez" died (exacetly a week after I was born:()

& it's also the month "Al-Rubie" died (نصير المرأة توفى يوم قبل يوم المرأة)

(P.S: Salute to Al-Qabas Newpaper for bublishing "Al-Arba3a2iyyat" in this short period)
But .. life goes on
. . . . .

& as I consider an early gift (an awesome one actually)

Today I recieved this from a dear friend

L'lli .. thanks very much sweets :**


Pesto Sauce & Permesan cheese
brought freshly from Italy
متحسفة آكلهم .. بعدين يخلصون


ManalQ8 said...

Hi there Alia

when march comes

that means

spring is on his way

and I do struggle to get a birthday gift for my husband

do you recommend any thing to help me??

and last but not least

happy birthday dear

wish you all the best
have fun
and get something nice for your self

and a sweet wishes to your mum and your friend


Big Pearls said...

I like the cute:)

DiLLi O MiLLi said...

ياااااا حبيبتي
HaPpY BiRthDaY DeaR

ياااا حلاااات صورتج انتي وشوشو
أما ولدج الصغير نسخه منج

علييييييج بأأأأأأأألف عاااااافيه حبيبتي
رااااح أطرشلج زووود


DiLLi O MiLLi said...

ohhhhh Sorrryyyy
Forgot to say .....


HapPy BirthDaY DeaR

العمر كله يارب


Shurouq said...

Happy birthday love.
How come I don't have this pic?!

I don't feel like celebrating this year.
بس عسى ينوبنا من البستو والبارميجان جانب

Thank you :**

AL Rubei shouldn't have died.

Shurouq said...

And Dilli.. Beedo looks so much like Alia it's scary :) He even makes the same faces. 3asal.

shopa said...

Happy bday love ;**

and the pic is sooooo adoorableeee ;*

Hanan said...

Happy birthday next week luv :*

Picture's adorable.

Mother Courage said...

Happy Birthday in advance ;*

Purgatory said...

شحقة كل وحدة لبس؟ في شي اسمه زي مدرسي

و هابي بيرثدي، و عقبال لما أحصل البورتبرت يالي في بالي

um-miT3ib said...

and i was born;p

ARTFUL said...
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ARTFUL said...

كل عام وانتي بخير

عبدالحليم عقب ما تطمن ان في وحده انولدت تسد مكانه انتقل الى رحمة الله

العمر كله والله يخليج حق أحبابج


3abeer said...

Happy EARLY birthday sweety..

enjoy your day and don't over analyze March events! atleast it's spring.. with a hint of dust ;P

don't forget to make a wish .. and if it does come true .. let me know.. mine so far didn't :(

يعقووبوو said...

متحسفة آكلهم .. بعدين يخلصون
ذكرتيني في جملتي

اكلكم وايد حلو بس في عيب
بسرعه يخلص d;

عاجــل said...

حركات الصورة

Alia said...


yeah ... & I LOVE spring
As for a gift for ur hubby
It depends on his taste

oh & thanks alot darling ;*

big pearls,

Thank you :)


Thanks sweety :**
ماله داعي تطرشين زود
لي خلص المخزون باقوللج
By the way: It's soooo yummy


You too babe :**
البستو والبارميجان تحت أمرج
ٌRisotto, Pasta W/Pesto sause, Pesto & mozorella Sandwich or the classic pasta w/tomato sauce?
u call it


Thanks hon:**
yeah .. it looks cute
بس لا تغرج المظاهر


Thanks:* .. now it's not next week :)

mother courage,

Thank you dear :**


مدرسة؟ ومن قال إحنا رحنا مدارس
البنات أذكياء ماله داعي يروحون مدرسة عشان يتعلمون


Then, Happy Birthday to you too :)


وإنتي بخير
أي تسد مكانه .. عبدالحليم لو يسمع صوتي وانا أغني أحد أغنياته ينتحر

وشكرا :*


Thanks:** .. & as I told Hanan, it's not early now isn't it?

Hint of dust?? u should see us cleaning our desks at work everymorning ... طين

Can I make two wishes??
I already did .. incase one of them didn't work :)


lol .. yeah


شفت البوز

3abeer said...

smart move with the wishes... yabeeli el next birthday asaweeeha ;) etha wa7da men el wishes baweshat .. akeen el thanya tathbe6 ;)

Mok said...

الاخت عاليه

:) كل عام وانتي بخير

بـركـــــان said...

i beleive that the secret of March where every body love it... is because i have been born in this month :D

e7m e7m

al tha2er Borkaaan

عبثي said...
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White Wings said...

وين تعليقي؟
تركت واحد من زمان
كل عام وأنت بخير وايد متأخر، كله من بلوقر
ما عزمتينا على البستو، خلص؟؟

عبثي said...
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DiLLi O MiLLi said...

كــل عــام وعًمــر بخيـــر

Happy birthday toooo uuuuu .....
iiiiiiiii 9 candles ha ... :)

الله يبلغج فيه معرس يااااارب


DiLLi O MiLLi said...

WhiTe HearT


يوووووزززي عن النقزااااات
ماااني خابرتج من ربع البستو
خابرتج من ربع الخس والجزر والطماطم والخيار