Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Mid"winter" Night's Dream

It was a wonderful dream
It felt so Right
But Reality ....... Bites


Shurouq said...


Anonymous said...
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Alia said...


:* right back at ya

kila ma6goog said...

صج و الا مو صج؟

Pepsi-guy said...

Could you explain (in details) why does reality bite.

Shopa said...

Time will be right soon :*

Alia said...


حلم .. حلم

pepsi guy,

heheh .. lol
In details? why? offended?

well .. the reason is:
I can't have kids now for i have a 3 years old naughty boy, & coz my (OUR) top priority now is buying a house



yeah, hope so :)

White Wings said...

soon i hope
and SHE will be gorgeous
i know it

ValenciaLover said...

well, if it happens i want YOU to tell me about it, i don't wanna hear it from no one else, can you?
i'll be so happy to have a beautiful niece like you.
love you and love your kids more than you can imagine.

عتيج الصوف said...

winter is full of nightmares :|
and i guess this is because the fatty food we eat everynight befor going to bed however the mass amount of underwear we put on our goose pumps :|

i wish you all the sweet dreams and sleep tight darling :)

Soud said...

الف مبروك .... على الحلم

وعلى طارى الحلم انا حالم اليوم بثلاث قطاوة داخلين بيتى واحاول اطلعهم والناس متجمعه برا ناطرة يطلعون
الله يستر

DiLLi O MiLLi said...

فـــــاااااال وجــــاااان
أنشـــاء الله الحـلـــم يتحــول حقيقــة


والله عـــاااااد ياااا حلااااااتج من أم


هذيان said...

not all the dream make our nights

Abdulaziz said...

"I can't have kids now for i have a 3 years old naughty boy, & coz my (OUR) top priority now is buying a house"

WHA? where do u live? are u kuwaiti!? I doubt a child costs much here in kuwait! you're making stuff up?

Mother Courage said...

it could be a sign ;-)

Ms. Baker said...

Prayers for you Alia. May your deepest hearts desire come true very soon inshala. I truly hope that for you.

I understand exactly how you feel.

Exactly. :(