Monday, March 12, 2007

كب كيك مينيا

"Cupcakes are perfect
they are sweet, they are fun"
"A cupcake can make people smile & that's a pretty powerfull move for a tiny cake"
Juju's Cupcake
Al Fanar
Have you tried it?
If not ,, I say go today & give it a try
It's gooooood
My Picks:
Carrot Cupcake with Frosting
Chocolate Cupcake with Frosting
Chocolate & Cream Cheese Cupcake with Frosting (Yummmmy)


nEo said...

يعت !!!

ابي لتغدى


nEo said...

لتغدى = اتغدى

Purgatory said...

I have not tried them because you never gave me some, na7eeeeeeesa

Shopaholic said...

Like you know, I spent most of today calling cupcakes places in Kuwait because I wanted to send some to where I used to work. Unfortunately none would deliver so instead I got them cookies and doughnut

mishari said...

هذى حملة اعلانية ناجحة لان اخر واحد يتأثر بالاعلان انا
تقدرين تقولين تقليدى
لكن يوعتينى وعلشان جذى لازم تطلبين منهم فلوس الا اذا انتى كنت صاحبة المحل:)

the tooth.fairy said...

omg ! I've been craving cupcakes for a straight week last week !!

Ga3da at3athab waana ashof il sora ;(

DiLLi O MiLLi said...

I tried them all ... mum brought home a collection .. nice packing too...

The owner is Nijood Boodai the Kuwaiti designer … JuJu is her nick name.

طايحه على أماكن البلعه اللذيذة يا الملعونه ... أبي أعرف اللي تاكلينه ويين يروووح !!؟؟ امسويه فتحه في أبهام ريولج !!؟؟

مااا شاء الله ... علييج بألف عافيه حبيبتي

Spontaneousnessity said...

oh you! you you!! you!!!!

I can't start a diet and come to your blog!!

after reading what you wrote I got so hungry and not eating chocolate, THANKS ALOT! ={

miss you =}


3abeer said...

Alia ya mojrema!!

I will try them !

White Wings said...

low fat cupcake available? :)

bo9ali7 said...

no i havent tried yet
but i will
it looks yumi yumi

kila ma6goog said...

احلى من كريسبي كريم؟

Ali said...

i believe i should try them
i went to this new cookies place yesterday in bneed il qar called cookies n cream ... it was nice
i mean very nice
i'll post pics and a review

--- ---
the first Kuwaiti podcast, LISTEN to us

بـركـــــان said...

thank you for re-opening my desire to eat..

i like every thing neat BUT when i eat i love to eat like a MAN

Hungry man loves SWEET

بركـــان جائع

فرصه سعيده لتعرفنا على مدونتك :)

Alia said...


بس الحلو ما ييوع ... الغدا لازم يكون مالح .. وإلا لأ؟


Well, when you give me some of what you cook, I'll give you some of my capcakes


Honey, you can always make an order & call a taxi to deliver it up .. Taxies are made for delivering foooooooood


والله لا حملة إعلانية ناجحة ولا شي .. بس الظاهر إنك تتأثر بسرعة وإنت ما تدري
ولأ .. آنا مو صاحبة المحل

the tooth.fairy,

la tit3athibain wala shai .. go have some .. w id3eely


yeah .. la tkhafeen 3ali .. I asked about the owner coz i liked it .. & I think she should take the stake house near the cupcake booth & make it her clothing store .. if she's still designing clothes

وأماكن البلعة اللذيذة إهية اللي تطيح بحضني .. شسوي

يعافيج ;**


darling ... food is gooood
the hell with diets ... plus I don't think you need one

miss you too ;**


So did you? how was it?

white wings,

والله قاصين عليكم بهالدايت برودكتس مثل البيبسي والكوك .. وماكو أضر منهم على الجسم

يوزي عن هالسوالف
اكل ما فيه خير .. مو لذيييييذ


It does ... Enjoy

kila ma6goog,

ومن زين كريسبي كريم أساسا .. بس الكويتيين ما يصدقون أي شي ياي من لندن .. هبة


hmmmm .. new cokkies place ... is it that good?? better than Choowy Goowy?? coz it's the best cookies i've ever tasted

& i'm waiting for that post


welcome to my blog

reopining your desire?? WAW
وإحنا أسعد

DiLLi O MiLLi said...

أأأأوووووفففففف غلطتي !!!ء

مطعم الأنتركووت مااال صديقتي وأختي وحبيبتي لمياء ... وهوو من أفضل مطاعمي !! شنووو تاخذه حق خلاجينهااا !!! يلاااا سحبيهاااا !!!ء

kila ma6goog said...

ياي من امريكا وانتي الصاجة

Alia said...


واللع تصدقين عاد إنني ما شفت خلاجينها ... مو زينين يعني؟
شفت جنطة من تصميمها وكانت ناعمة
بس إذا مطعمج المفضل خلاص يبا غيرت رايي

متى بنشوفج؟؟ تتغلين علينا

kila ma6goog,

لندن وإلا أمريكا .. المهم انه هبة
ودونت مستر بيكر أحلى من دونتهم

White Wings said...

مو الخير الي تتكلمين عنه يتخزن في الجسم ويصير شر بعدين
انا راح اعيش مئة سنة، وانتو كلكم راح تفنقشون على سبعين وثمانين سنة، راح تشوفين

Anonymous said...

pls. drop by. I've fresh news about the up coming screening :)

Brava Valentia said...

?عسى خذيتي عمولة على هالدعاية


White Wings said...

اشلون شاكيرا الزفت؟
عندي اقتراح على المدونة، مري لو سمحت

iDip said...

Happy belated birthday :)

Spontaneousnessity said...

Happy Birthdaaaay =} had fun?

NuNu™ said...

I want a new post about Shakira =D

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

I don't have your number or I would call personally, happy Birthday babe ;*

Sara said...

juju's a6yaab cup cake 3ala el a6laag 7ada 3ajeeb :> 3awafi ely ma jareba atmana ena yjarbaa :>

sprinkles said...

You should try sprinkles cupcake in kuwait, it's home made , no shop but you can order by e-mail,, they are the best in kuwait with very creative mottos
they have : indulgence (vanilla+hazelnut+custard+coconut) , confetti (chocolate with colored icing) , blind date ( dates with caramel ), rocky road ( dark chocolate with choc chunks and marshmallow) yummy they are all tasty especially indulgence and rocky road.