Saturday, October 14, 2006

Dedicated to White Wings

Fashion Tips
Express yourself with colors
مع تعديلات بسيطة مني

Feeling troubled over what color to wear? What color makes you look good? Well, fashion is all about yourself. What you choose to wear every morning tells a lot about you and how you felt that day. Even your little handbag carries a little story.

Mixing and matching is a personal choice, you create your very own style!

Well, let’s get to understand and have fun with colors
A popular color in Fashion. Light and neutral, it goes well with any color.

Considered a summer color(بما إنني ما اعترف بفصل الشتا ولا أحبه وبما ان اللون الأبيض لوني المفضل), a good choice for tops. Always have some in your wardrobe. It readily matches bottoms of any color; a pair of Blue denim jeans, Khakis pants, a Pink skirt, a bright colorful beach bermudas? You name it!

Associated with cleanliness and purity, innocence and gentleness…, it gives you a feeling of freedom. Women just always look that lovely in their snowy White wedding gown, don’t they?

Tips: add a little touch of White to brighten or lighten up your mood Eg. a White tank top with Blue denim jean, White cotton jacket over a hot Pink velour smocked baby doll dress or a simply all White for a simple breezy look
A popular color in Fashion, always stylish and never out of trend

A good choice for bottoms. Directly opposite of White, it readily matches tops of any colors. Nonetheless, it is also a popular choice for tops, making the wearer appearing slimmer. A great complementary color for accessories like a Pink sparkling evening bag, a diamond necklace…

A mysterious color, it gives you a feeling of perspective and depth. Symbolizing elegance and refinement, it is always regarded as a prestigious color.

Tips: pair up Black with other dark colors for an attractive mature look Eg. a Brown wool button front cardigan with Black pinstripe bootcut pants, Gray tweed cropped blazer with Black stretch pintuck pencil skirt
An expressive color extensively use in Fashion.

Most visible and lively of all colors, it creates attraction and excitement. The wearer naturally portraits an image of excitable, energetic, enthusiasm and confidence. Nonetheless, it also suggests an erotic feeling, a lady in Red?

A physically inspiring color often associated with vitality and ambition, love & passion.

Tips: pair up Red with colors within the Red family itself for various moods Eg. a Red retro style tee with Maroon pleated skirt, hot Pink cotton v-neck tank with red fleece collegiate mini skirt
A color commonly use in Casual Fashion.

Similar to Red, it creates attraction and excitement. However it suggests a more fun and sunshine mood. The wearer tends to bring about amusing cheeriness to the group. Usually liked by those who embrace changes.

The color of sunshine, often associated with joy, liveliness and optimism.

Tips: pair up Yellow with dark or lucid cool colors for a striking youthful look Eg. a Yellow ruched halter top with Black wool full skirt, Yellow roll edge t-shirt with Turquoise polka dot tiered mini skirt, & for a flirty look pair a Yellow skirt with a Pink shirt.
A popular color liked by most

Emotionally opposite of Red & Yellow, it brings about a very soothing & relaxing feel, pleasant to the eyes. Naturally refreshing in mood, it’s a good choice for daytime wear.

The color of summer skies and the sea, often associated with calmness, affection, idealism and inspiration.

Tips: match Blue with White for a refreshing and sporty look Eg. A Bright Blue cotton v-neck hoodie with White stretch cotton studded pants, White terry track jacket with pale blue faded jean
A feminine color for girls

Similar to Blue, it’s soothing and pleasant to the eyes. Naturally sweet in mood, it has a lasting girly appeal.

Girls in Pink tend to portrait a very sweet & pleasant image, always attractive to the guys.

The color of cotton candy, often associated with warm, everlasting affection & tender love

Tips: add a little Pink to bring out the feminine touch Eg matching your Black satin strapless sash dress with a Pink crocodile clutch, Pink collar tee with Black stretched cotton cropped pant
Well, there are simply too many colors if I were to go on. I believe you should now have a feel of how matching of colors can be of so much fun? In simple, just play by the color rules:

1. Hot goes with cool (match Yellow with Green or Blue not with Red, it might be too hot!)

2. Use neutral colors to draw the looks together (White, Gray, Beige and Black are good neutral colors)

3. Play around with color of the same family (Pink with Orange, Sky Blue with Navy Blue…)

Remember, you create your very own style, so you don't really have to go by the rules. Have fun!


neelaah said...

Very interesting
شكرا على المعلومات

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

Every women should invest in a nice white plain shirt every year. This is not optional ;P

As for the color Red, it's kind of tricky! Darker shaedes of red always work, but BRIGHT RED match only certain people.

The Stallion said...

Interesting post! I have to admit I didn't read it all! I stopped at "WHITE"! :oP Why? I want to sit down and read it carefully and being at work right now isn't helping!

The Doctor !i.. said...

This's interesting !

I mean studying french >..< !

By the way ...

I always wear red clothes .!

Why ... I don't know ..


Spontaneousnessity said...

you don't like winter??? I adore winter and madly in love with my winter clothes, they're all pretty, casual and chic unlike my summer clothes they're always only casual, loved it, I have been too busy to look good am starting to think I forgot.

White Wings said...

alia, remeber my wardrobe project? Failed miserably, and I am not one to spend time in the morning mixing and matching, WHAT DO I DO?? :)

kila ma6goog said...

الاسود سيد الالوان

Alia said...


العفو هو آنا عملت حاجة


I myself invest in nice white shirts, blouses, skirts, trousers, jackets, Permudas, shoes, bags .. etc. .. I just love white

the stallion,

I won't blame you if you didn't.
It's not an interesting post for you guys .. isn't it?

the doctor,

I like Red too ... بس من أدخل المحل وأشوف هدوم بيض أنثول وأروح صوبهم سيده


Yes I do hate winter & that you have to wear so many things all together .. & i don't like winter clothes at all

بتقولين هتلية أدري .. بس يا حلاة الصيف تنورة وبلوزة وجوتي فلات ويمشي الحال

white wings,

There's another post that I'm working on .. I'll post it soon ,, it may help a little bit

Plus .. the idea of mixing & matching is that you don't have to think alot ,, just open the closet mix (pick a skirt) & match(pich a blouse) & ta da you're ready .. coz summer clothes are so beautiful that anything would go with anything .. try it & let me know.

ومشروعج قلت لج من الأول انه فاشل وما منه فايدة .. بس انتي شعرفج .. مو كوووول على قولة صوفي

kila ma6goog,

Black is my least favourite color of all .. but if you say so

Brava Valentia said...
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Brava Valentia said...

white is the king of colors ... always looks good , even in evenings!!!

white Rocks ;-p

Alia said...


I agree

White Wings said...

صحيح مو كول أبداً
حتي في ملابسي كل شي بالمسطرة والقلم، عقد الله لا يوريج :)
بانتظار البوست الجديد

White Wings said...

you're gone already and i didn't get to see you before you went :(
have a safe trip
miss you already
ولا تنسين، تان تعقيد

The Doctor !i.. said...

We miss u ..?

r u alive ?

NuNu™ said...

Thank you for adding Red to the list ;)

Fuzzy said...

عيدكم مبارك وعساكم من عواده

Alia said...

white wings,

keep waiting honey

the doctor,

عايشة لا تخاف .. بس غطيت لي جم يوم
أتغلى عليكم شوي


you're welcome habibti


أيامك سعيدة