Monday, June 12, 2006

When Beauty Came to the World


I got a new template
One of my favourite paintings ever

Ladies & Gentlemen
this is venus

Sanrdo Botticelli's


A painting that represents a classical myth

Venus has emerged from the sea on a shell which is driven to the shore by flying wind-gods amidst a shower of roses. As she is about to step on to the land, one of the Hours or Nymphs receives her with a purple cloak. I have a venus tatto on my back


Papillona ® said...

wonderful daaarling.. wonderful

Soud said...

mbrok 3la new look

i like it

hmmmm i think i will change my blog ???

Alia said...

thanks habibti
I was gonna ask your help after I saw jelly belly's new look, then i thought why not try myself
so I'll just save you for future looks

allah ybarik fi hayatik
yeah .. it feels good to have a new look even on blogs

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

wallah I think I need a makeover 2!

Baroque said...

love it too!
it reminds me of a fairy tale/little mermaid! ;)

Alia said...

you look great to me


& i like it too

تعرفين الإحساس لما توج قاصة الشعر وإلا صابغته ومستانسة فيه
that's how I feel

Baroque said...

lo0o0l totally!
;p + sha3arha 3ajeeb!

Shurouq said...

I love the new look
Ver elegant!

Shopaholic Q8eya said...


Hanan said...

purplr cloak...well that has always been your favorite color.
nymphs, sea, beach...yes those are also favorites of yours.

I love the new template

Alia said...

تعرفين الأغنية اللي تقول "كلك على بعضك حلو" هذي فينوس

very elegant ...
كل من يرى الناس بعين طبعه

وفي ناس كانوا يقولون لي تشبهينها

Anonymous said...

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