Sunday, January 01, 2006

1/1/2006 Happy New Year Everybody

It's gonna be awhile before i get used to write 2006

سبع أمنيات للعام الجديد أو لنقل للأعوام القليلة المقبلة والتي أعرف مسبقا بأنها لن تتحقق
(1) Get my master degree
(2) Buy our own house as a family of 4 (which won't happen soon as I know)
(3) Find a job that I like
(4) Start my own business
(5) Start to worry more about my neck/back pain
(6) Try not to be a big spender (no way)

سبع أمنيات أخرى للعام أو للأعوام القليلة المقبلة من الممكن تحقيقها
(1) Give birth to a baby girl
(2) Buy a new car
(3) Visit New York with hubby & the kids
(4) Visit London with the girls
(5) Watch the movies on my list
(6) Exercise more aften
(7) Spend more time with friends

وبما إنهم سبع أمنيات فالمفروض لإنني أقدر أحققهم في 2007 مو2006
Which meanes I still have time.. don't you think so?


Sheba said...

Kil 3am wintey ib khair :)

Alia said...

thanks shabe .. u too

White Wings said...

Well, from the first list, 6 I would never wish it on you and 7 I would like it for myself :)

Nice lists and I have faith you can achieve all of the points if you put your mind to it

Happy few years to come :)

Eve said...

Happy new year, hope you'll be able to accomplish all of them :)

Shurouq said...

I object on numbers 3 and 3

3 number 1 because I know you want a house of your own but I don't want you to move out :'(

And 3 number 2 because I want to tag along

lazga kaifi

Alia said...

White Wings,
صج إنج انانية وما تحبين الخير حقي

Thanks alot, I hope I will

you know you've always been welcomed in our family, plus lazga??? you

Khalas Number 3 will be : VISIT NEW YORK WITH HUBBY & THE 3 KIDS (O,B, & SHUROUQ)

Jazz Central said...

My check-list is so much like yours:

Get my masters degree
Start my own business
Win big money!
Buy a new car
Visit London
Exercise more often

White Wings said...

لا والله أحب الخير حقج بس أحبه حقي بعد، شوي أكثر :)
وبعدين اذا بطلتي تحبين السوق مع منو أسولف عن المشتروات؟

Hanan said...

How about London in May? taw ennas I know, but May is the earliest I can make it and since I', by default one of the 'girls', it has to wait till May.

Oh and NY. I'm tagging along too. eshme3na shuroq :P

Jandeef said...

Alia ..

Hopefully I get my degree too before next January.

You wanna get a degree, find a job, and start your own business all in 12 months? You deserve a monument!

Alia said...

My comments from Lebanon:

we're check-list buddies now ha?

White Wings,
على قولتج ... وخصوصا التسوق في لبنان ... صح
Depeche Mode ذابحني ومخسرني عدل

LONDON BABY ... I wish
& NY يللا نردفج على الجناح

مبروك مقدما على الماستر
ومو بالضرورة في نفس السنة .. بس اهيه أمنيات اتمنى احققها في أقرب وقت ممكن

kazmawy said...

ان شاء الله تتحقق
وعيدك مبارك

Alia said...

أيامك سعيدة
ويسمع من بقك ربنا

White Wings said...

Where the heck are you??
New post please!!!

Alia said...

white wings

بما إنني لا افقه في السياسة أو بالاحرى ما اقدر اكتب فيها ... وبما ان اوضاع البلد مو مخليتني اقدر اكتب عن اي شي ثاني ... فنطري عاد لما تنحل الامور

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