Sunday, December 04, 2005

I See Dead People

I always have those dreams where one of my really really beloved ones is dying or getting hurt in someway, and it get worse when i dream of my own kids.. of course i get up crying and just can't stop hurts .. can't sleep after that, have to open the lights, drink some water, watch a comedy show or something, or (which is my best thing to do) wake up my husband and let him calm me down.

of course I do have those thouhgts while I'm awake, especially when I see kids the same age of mine dead of hurt on TV or newspapers, like yesterday i saw a picture in Al Qabas where a father is holding his dead 2 years son, it was awful, and immediately I thought of my son then I through the paper away.

I need a superpower that allows me to read my future & of corse my family's, but I'm not sure if that would work, would it?

Aside from that, I like to read people's minds, you know like Mel Gibson in "What Women want" that was awsome, but again will that help me or would it just make my life more complicated?

So, If u could have one super power (I gotta pick too cause I wrote this post) what would it be?


Zeidani said...
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Zeidani said...

Dear Alia,
can i suggest something for u if u dont mind brfore i start?
First of all, it is better for u to not tell anybody about a very bad dream that u had ...(mo zain) like (someone very close to u is dying.... etc). second, in my openion if I had a really bad dream agoom o I drink some water then I pary... thank you
About the super power that i want to have it is control the time, which i can see the past, the futur, stop the time...etc
Nice to meet you =)

Alia said...


i don't believe that telling the bad dream is (mo zain) in my opinion it's خرافات ومعتقدات قديمة تربينا عليها

but thanks for the advice

وترى الاختلاف في الرأي لا يفسد للود قضية

Zeidani said...

you right alia and i respect ur openion thanx for listening.. =)

Zeidani said...
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Misguided said...

Dear Alia,

I think the only SuperPower I would want is thicker skin. Unfortunetly, sometimes despite my hardest attempts... what people say gets to me.


P.S. I find though, that this super-power naturally comes with age and maturity.

ValenciaLover said...

i once had an unforgettable nightmare about my Aunt's dead husband trying to pull her out of a window to have her with him wherever he is (heaven or hell). In the dream i was pulling her to my side sooo hard but it was sooo painful. i woke up crying for hours that day. it was years ago but i could never get over that dream. it still haunts me. And when something like that happens to me, water & comedy are not good enough.
super power? Anything that mighjt keep me fit and healthy all my life.

Alia said...


what you say is true, it gets to me too.
age? but i want my super power now, when i'm young & healthy so i can get something useful out of it.


some nightmares stays with me even for days, & i have lots of bad dreams that still haunt me every now & then

Shurouq said...

That's what you get from watching 'Lost' right before bed time :)

And I don't think you can handle reading people's minds.

Valencia Lover,
7ilmich baaayekh mithil wayh Barzan al Takriti
O Alla ykhalli khalti

Alia said...

i know i can't handle that, in fact i can't handle what people say to me sometimes, bas sometimes i really really want to read SOME peoples minds

Anonymous said...

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